Alan Kitching Collection, 2014

A collaboration between Alan Kitching and Monotype led to a celebration of five very influential graphic designers: Tom Eckersley, Abram Games, FHK Henrion, Josef Müller-Brockmann and Paul Rand – who all celebrated their centenary in 2014.

We worked with Alan on producing a type specimen that carried his own tribute – a monogram for each designer made from overlapping type – in each case a wood letter from Alan Kitching’s workshop with a famous character from the Monotype archive. The reverse of each monogram contained the specimen of typefaces that Alan chose for each designer, along with a short text by John L Walters. 

The project grew and we were asked to also curate an exhibition to coincide with the London Design Festival, celebrating these five legends and the the collaboration between Alan and Monotype, read more here. Exhibition photography by Simon Ellis