Recommended, 2014

The Creative Exchange event at the University of Hertfordshire was aimed to create a showcase for the courses and students of the School of Creative Arts. With the help of the second year BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Illustration students we edited, designed, printed and bound a book that represented the course's creative culture.

The publication is a visual reading list of favourite and recommended books and material from the UH library. The publication illustrates books that have helped students/staff, treasured reads, typographic pornography, excellent layouts and legendary advice. 

An editorial team were tasked to locate the visual/reading material at the UH library, taking photocopies and scans of pages, front covers etc. A layout team then concentrated on the look of the publication, managing the incomming content. They worked directly with a small team of students on the computers working on the typography of the pages. These pages were then run out on a photocopier and collated and bound by the finishing team.